• BVTi Sells the World's Largest RTO System – 1,200,000 Nm3/hr.
BVTi has successfully sold the world’s largest RTO system to a Chemical Manufacturing Plant in Asia

The RTO system is sized to treat 770,000 scfm (1,200,000 Nm3/hr) waste gas flow followed by wet Scrubber system of same capacity.

The RTO system includes 6 Rotary Valve Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers manufactured by Durr Systems. The unique features of this system are 99% removal of VOC and CO from the waste gas and 97% heat recovery efficiency that would operate the RTO without any external fuel. The same customer had purchased a RTO system for 250,000 scfm (400,000 Nm3/hr) from BVTi in 2005 and following the successful operation and excellent after sales services offered by BVTi, customer decided to order this unprecedented abatement system.

Durr Systems, Inc
Durr Systems, Inc., the world’s largest supplier of abatement systems and services for VOC emission control, has renewed an exclusive agreement with BVTi for representation in N. America and Asia.

Tri-Mer Corporation will chair a new section at the A&WMA conference in Detroit on bio-treatment options. Visit our principals Tri-Mer at Booth 619.

BVTi has joined the US EPA’s Network Contacts as a private sector provider of equipment and services for Coal Mine Methane (CMM) abatement. Methane gas, which has a GHG potential of 21 times that of Carbon dioxide, is recognized as a major contributor of global warming. Oxidation of the Methane with recovery of the thermal energy to generate heat and electricity is an excellent way to reduce GHG emissions while generating energy and also creating valuable carbon credits that can be traded on exchanges like the Chicago Commodity Exchange and other world exchanges.

Methane to Markets
Methane to Markets, an international partnership of 14 countries including the US has listed its internal conferences and events for 2009 on its website.

Pollution Engineering
Pollution Engineering magazine has named the Cloud Chamber Scrubber Technology provided by Tri-Mer Corporation of Owosso, Michigan a “Top-10 Technology for 2007”

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