BV Technologies, Inc. is a market development and sales company specializing in pollution control and energy management technologies. We offer strategic planning, engineering, sales and consulting services to assist companies in the field, whether end users or suppliers, to do what they do better! Let us offer you the benefit of our expertise to assist you in solving your problems. Solutions, that's our business!
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What we offer…
» Strategic Planning, Product & Market Development Services
» Engineering & Project Management
» Turnkey VOC, Acid Gas & Particulate Control Systems
» Energy & GHG Reduction Programs
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» Thermal Oxidation Systems
» Adsorption Concentrators
» DeNOx Systems (SCR, SNCR, Wet Scrubbers)
» Acid Gas Control Systems
» Particulate Control Solutions
» Shift compliance responsibility to the experts!
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BVTi Sells the World's Largest RTO System – 1,200,000 Nm3/hr. BVTi has successfully sold the world’s largest RTO system to a Chemical Manufacturing Plant in Asia
BVTi joins EPA’s Network contacts as a private sector provider of equipment & services for Coal Mine Methane (CMM) abatement
New Multi-Phase Abatement Technology.
A new multi-phase technology to remove sub-micron and volatile emissions named one of Pollution Engineering Magazine’s top-10 awards
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