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• Shift compliance responsibility to the experts!
Performance Contracts:
We offer performance contracts that amortize system improvements with metered savings. Like TTS, there are no costs to the customer and we realize payment only from energy savings. As an added incentive, when the contract expires, your facility keeps the retrofit improvements and future savings.

Inside TTS Program:
The benefit of selecting TTS is to empower dedicated professionals in the field of abatement with operating your system. Whether new or used systems, we are responsible for all facets of your abatement system including:

• Capital outlays • Repair costs • Utility cost • Manpower and operations • Material replacement • Uptime

Service Contracts:
Service contracts are ideal for customers interested in preventive and emergency services. Customers requesting these services have new or efficiently run abatement systems but wish to ensure continued efficiency or immediate repair response. Extended service contracts have scheduled preventive maintenance, and in emergencies guarantee response time 24 hours Before environmental regulations, a manufacturer’s concern was the core business. Change is inevitable and new regulations arose, complicating the manufacturing process. Even today regulations are being reviewed by all levels of government based upon new technologies and methods of abatement. Return to the simplicity of manufacturing.

Potential Energy Savings:
• Purchased Utilities • Electricity • Natural Gas • Fuel Oil • Generated Utilities • Compressed Air • Steam • Hot & Chilled Water • Thermal Oil • Untapped Resources • Waste Heat

Identify Cost Savings Opportunities:
An Energy Audit is a no-risk, detailed characterization of how a facility uses energy that Involves site visitation and data acquisition. The acquired data is reviewed during a detailed In-house analysis and then used in custom energy models created for individual processes. The Final audit Report prepared and supplied to Customer includes recommended Energy Savings Measures (ESMs), budgetary implementation costs and estimated energy savings. Contact our office today to find out how to schedule an energy audit at your facility.

Contain Costs and Improve Your Bottom Line:
By preventing emissions of methane through the development of landfill gas energy projects, Dürr and LMOP are helping businesses and communities lower their operating cost, protect the environment and build a sustainable future. Products and technology available from around the world will be complemented by our engineering and process expertise.

On-site programs identify potential energy savings and quantify them to help you save!

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